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Thermomix ® has been described by Michelin star chefs as “The best kitchen machine in the world” and “A great gadget that will save you loads of time and effort”. However, it’s not just some of the world’s leading chefs who find the Thermomix ® indispensable; millions of amateur home cooks across the world also wouldn’t be caught cooking without one.

It’s important to know what real people think of Thermomix ®. That’s why we’ve gathered quotes from Thermomix ® owners and users on this page, both by customers who own a Thermomix ® and from media sources as well. Thermomix ® reviews are a great place to start the decision-making process. We strongly recommend having a Thermomix ® demonstration to learn everything Thermomix ® is capable of. You can book a demonstration by filling in this form.


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Thermomix ® Reviews By Customers

I really would like to thank you for such a fantastic Thermomix Demonstration. It was outstanding and by far the most informative and fun cookery demonstration of any description I have ever been to! I loved the way you made the demonstration “ours” right from the start, guiding us but allowing us to actually use the Thermomix ourselves all the way through!

Sally, Sussex                


Fabulous food, easy to use and has saved us hours and only had it a couple of weeks! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

Katina, Ashington


In the last 10 years the Thermomix [TM21] has been part of every family celebration and every day life. I guess the new family member TM5 will do the same for the next 10!

Lidovina, Stafford


We re loving our Thermomix. We made loads this week end: cream of tomatoes, cheese scones, meat loaf, pea soup for lunches next week, pitta bread and Thai curry, my husband even cooked his boiled eggs with it this morning… So much fun! Oh and a Lemon cake for the charity cake sale at school tomorrow! All good! 

Celine, Ashford


Thermomix ® Reviews In The Press

EveningStandardLogo  rosiefortescue6 copy


I also managed to make a refreshing gazpacho soup in myThermomix, which is a life-saver at the moment and makes cooking and preparing food unbelievably easy!

     19th July 2016

                                          Rosie Fortescue, Evening Standard – Full review here



MailOnlineLogo    Mail


I cannot believe that fresh pesto can be made in less than a minute and taste this good. I’ll never buy a jar again. Hold a car boot sale and sell off your kitchen appliances. Then buy yourself a Thermomix!

9th October 2014

                                          Anne Shooter, The Daily Mail – Full review here






‘What gadget can’t you live without?’ My Thermomix – it’s like a Vitamix but it heats and steams. I make a protein smoothie in the morning, then steam fish and vegetables or make soups for dinner. It’s brilliant.

24th april 2015

                                          Daisy Lowe, Metro – Read the article here



FinancialTimes FT


…the view from Technopolis Towers is that the only thing better than a TM5 would be two. Or even more – as many, many professional kitchens have. 

7th February 2015

                                          Jonathan Margolis AKA Mr Technopolis TV, Financial Times How To Spend It – Full review here





…this sleek dream machine heats up, chops, weighs and provides recipes on a smart screen, boasting that it is 12 appliances in one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it could do my laundry too.

28th November 2014

                                                        Susannah Butter, London Evening Standard – Full review here



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