MEATER® is the world’s first wireless smart meat thermometer, designed to make it easy to monitor cooking of meat & fish on your smart-phone. Now you can combine the power and versatility of the Thermomix® with the precision of MEATER®, resulting in perfectly cooked meat or fish every time.

With MEATER®, you are in control & can choose your preferred degree of cooking.

There is a limited stock available, so make sure you get your Cooking on Point bundle today.

Cooking on Point bundle




Limited edition and stock

For our Thermomix® customers and for a limited time only we offer you one of the best meat thermometers available!

But not just that, as a Thermomix® customer you will get a specially developed recipe booklet so you can enjoy perfectly cooked meat or fish every time.

Put Thermomix® with MEATER® in control of your meal. Choose your preferred degree of cooking and relish in the flavour of tender, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, richly-spiced duck, delicate salmon or a show-stopping beef wellington.