buy Thermomix - book a demoIt’s easy if you want to buy Thermomix®. Just book in a demo and we’ll come to you. Many people use the opportunity to invite friends to make for a more social occasion. Our demonstration showcases the features of the product and lets you try for yourself how easy it is to prepare delicious meals in less time. The demo is informative, informal and, of course, you get to enjoy the food from it, too. Our advisor will show you how the Thermomix® works, talk you through the twelve built-in functions and even walk you through several delicious recipes so you can witness incredible food prepared in mere minutes in your own kitchen.

Why do we do things differently?

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers, that great technology and great service add up to something unique and special. We certainly don’t expect you to buy Thermomix ® and then just be left on your own. We offer extensive support throughout the lifetime of your Thermomix ®. Your Advisor can help with everything from technical support to inviting you to exclusive events and classes, where you have the opportunity to gain new cooking skills. We’ll also recommend new recipes and connect you to a global community of Thermomix ® enthusiasts who enjoy developing and sharing great new recipes.


buy Thermomix - Why a Demo

Why a demo?

A demonstration simply offers the best way to start on this creative journey, with an emphasis on an informal culinary experience in which learning how to use the Thermomix ® is part of the process of preparing incredible food. Our demonstrations do not focus on you wanting to buy Thermomix ®, but on showing you everything about the product before you make a decision.

Our demo:

  • A unique culinary experience – Seeing and tasting is believing and we believe that is key before you buy Thermomix ®. Our Thermomix ® Advisor will take you on an unforgettable taste trip with proven classic and modern recipes developed exclusively by our own international team of Thermomix ® experts.
  • Make it social! Thermomix ® is too good a secret not to share. We’re happy if you want to make your demo a social occasion so you can enjoy the experience – and a great meal – with your friends.
  • Great food comes home! We offer a demo in your own home, partly because most people find it very convenient, but also − and more importantly − because it shows you that professional cooking really can be achieved in your own kitchen.
  • Discover twelve functions in one compact and powerful appliance. With so many options, we will give you all the time you need to learn how Thermomix ® can help you.
  • A personal experience tailored to you. As individuals and families, we all experience food very differently and there’s no single definition of what great food is. Vegetarian? Need a gluten- or dairy-free diet? Want a home-cooked alternative to store-bought baby food? If you have specific dietary preferences or requirements, we will tailor the demo to show you how Thermomix ® can help you achieve delicious, tasty results that fit your lifestyle.



DPD Delivery vehicle-02Delivery

Our advisors make sure that every aspect of your journey with Thermomix ® is simple and stress-free. This starts with ordering your Thermomix ® – which your advisor can help with after a demonstration or whenever you’ve made your decision.

We use DPD for all deliveries, which is a trackable service to give you peace of mind. You’ll be update via text message/email with a delivery time, so you know when to expect your Thermomix.

However, our commitment extends even further. We make sure that you are still supported once you receive your Thermomix ® and that you have all you need to start cooking fantastic meals with Thermomix ® from day one. Along with the appliance, you receive the full set of accessories that enable all the creative possibilities of the Thermomix ® as well as a brilliant cookbook to help you explore a whole world of food with recipes that are guaranteed to deliver amazing results.

And if you still need any help at all, our advisors will be available whenever you need them to answer your questions and provide hands-on help to get you started.