Thermomix Family cooking Healthy foodWe all know that cooking our own meals is a great way to ensure we’re eating more high-quality ingredients and fewer additives or preservatives. Fresher healthy food also contains more of the nutrients we all need in our diets. However, with busy lives, it can be a struggle to find time to cook as well as we’d like.

Thermomix ® helps solve these problems by making great, fresh, healthy food fast and simple – especially through ingenious features like the Guided Cooking function that take the stress out of cooking. Thermomix ® also enables gentle heating at set lower temperatures and stirs constantly for even cooking. When you cook food in the mixing bowl or steam ingredients in the Varoma, the food retains more nutrients, colour and flavour and by setting a temperature you can be sure that you will never overheat anything. And, of course, Thermomix ® has a powerful blending function which gives you complete control over texture and enjoying fresh fruit smoothies is the very definition of simplicity.



Thermomix discovering Healthy foodThermomix ® is more than just easier cooking. We also bring you a world of amazing recipes that make it even easier to eat healthily. We create all our recipes with great taste in mind, but also provide clear, practical nutritional information to help you make informed choices to help you meet your dietary goals and preferences – whether that’s losing weight or cooking great food that’s safe for those with allergies or food intolerances.

With Thermomix ®, it’s so much easier to cook better, smarter food for you and your family.