Food Prep with Thermomix

Delicious, healthy food prepared quickly and easily giving you more of one of the most valuable things in life: time.

With its clever digital Recipe Chips and the Guided Cooking function, preparing food with Thermomix ® offers numerous benefits. Despite so many options and possibilities, an intuitive interface and touchscreen make it all so effortless and easy to control. Whether you’re wanting a quick chopped salad, a crowd-pleasing lasagne or just a simple meal for one Thermomix ® makes food preparation quicker and easier than it’s ever been. You’ll be amazed how much time you can save. With Thermomix ®, you can simply set time, temperature and speed and then leave the Thermomix ® to do the hard work giving you more time to relax.




Saves Money



A single Thermomix takes the place of multiple costly kitchen appliances and helps you save energy by reducing cooking times. When it is this fast and easy to cook great, restaurant-quality food at home, you can stop spending on expensive takeaways and ready-made sauces and meals.

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Quick and Easy Food

Quick and Easy FoodQuick and Easy Food

Thermomix is powerful and versatile, which helps you save time and lets you automate much of the cooking process, especially with the Guided Cooking feature for recipe reliability. Its clever design means it is also easy to operate, featuring a simple touchscreen interface that places precise control at your fingertips

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Fresh, Delicious and Healthy Food


Fresh, Delicious and Healthy Food, Everyday

Find out how Thermomix can help you cook ingredients more gently for fresher, healthier meals. There are also thousands of delicious Thermomix recipes that make it easy to manage specific dietary requirements like allergies or to follow a diet to support a healthier lifestyle.

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Keeping You Inspired

Keeping Your Food InspiredKeeping You and Your Food Inspired

Thermomix will inspire you to try new recipes, and even accomplished cooks will find they can be even more creative with Thermomix. Challenging recipes can become easy and Thermomix will give you more time to add that extra touch to a special meal!

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Vorwerk Quality

Vorwerk Quality For Producing Food

Vorwerk Quality for Producing Food

Thanks to Vorwerk’s legendary quality and reliability standards every Thermomix is precision engineered and designed for daily use.

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